The internal quality assurance committee of Stee Schools play an important role, in ensuring quality in the schools on an ongoing basis.

The Director of Studies in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Unit of Stee Schools, oversee the teaching and learning programmes and activities to ensure quality and academic excellence.

This team of highly qualified, experienced educationists evaluate the knowledge level, skills, attitudes and values that students have acquired.

Particular attention is paid to the competence and performance that students have attained in communication skills, the ability to work in groups and to make responsible decisions.


Areas of Quality Control

In the process of quality control and assurance, the following functional areas are being assessed:

  • Basic functionality of the school
  • Leadership, management and communication
  • Governance and relationships
  • Quality of teaching and learning
  • Skills development programme for educators and other members of staff
  • Curriculum provision and resources (Nigeria and British Curriculum)
  • School safety, security and discipline
  • Learner achievements
  • School infrastructure
  • Parents and community
  • Marketing and communication

The areas for Evaluation constitute the major aspects of the work that is done in school. To meet the benchmark against international educational standards and norms, local and international experts are invited to perform the external evaluation of the schools.

They write reports on the quality of the schools and rate them on a specific scale. This rating indicates if the schools are meeting minimum set quality norms and standards.


Stee Schools Cambridge College library is a well-resourced, inclusive environment, where each child is encouraged to develop a love of reading.

The Teachers and Librarians assist the students to develop information literacy skills, fostering individuals who strive to learn, as they become lifelong learners.

Stee Schools Cambridge College understands that the school library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. We have broad collections of resources in many formats and enthusiastic, trained librarians to support students in using and applying information resources to build new knowledge.


We have a wide range of activities including Literary & Debating Societies, Drama club, Dance club, Art Club, Chess club, Interior & Exterior Décor , Vocal training, Instrumentals (Orchestra, African Orchestra,-Marimba, Drumline, etc) , Poetry & Chants club, Home makers club, Reading club, etc.

These activities are also reviewed regularly and additions made based on requests by our students. The most basic reason for students joining a club or team is that it gives them something better to do than staring at the wall, wandering the hall, or napping all afternoon.