STEE SCHOOLS (Cambridge College) provides a well-rounded education that enables our students to develop vital life skills and excel academically.

Here is a summary of our admission procedure to guide you in enrolling your child in our school.

  1. Visit our campus and purchase an application form for N15,000. You can as well download the electronic application form by clicking here, but please note that you are still required to make the N15, 000 payment before the form is processed.
  1. Fill and submit the completed application form with the following document to the college in person.
  2. 1 Recent passport photograph
  3. Copy of birth certificate
  4. Copy of international passport
  5. Copy of transcript of previous school records must be submitted in original versions.
  6. Candidate are expected to be 10 year of age or above before they are admitted into this college.

Upon receipt of all application documents, applicants are expected to take the entrance exams at the stipulated date at the school campus. Please note that all prospective candidates MUST demonstrate proficiency in oral and written English prior to admission into the college.

Candidate seeking admission into year 7 must take the following exams: English language, Mathematics and Science.

Students transferring to the college (year 8 and year 10) must sit for English language, Mathematics and any other subject deemed necessary.

Candidate are expected to score an average of 70% on the entrance examination.

Oral interviews are compulsory for student and parents before the successful applicant proceeds to the stage of Uniform fitting.

The school reserves the right to ask for additional information / document from previous institutions.

Successful candidate will be informed via SMS, email or phone call.

A provisional admission letter will then be issued for collection with further instructions on registration procedures. Parents are required to pay retention fee upon receipt of admissions letters, to secure their child’s slot.

All fees are expected to be paid before the commencement of each term.

All students granted admission are expected to pay N50, 000 RETENTION FEE after the admission is given.(This fee will be deducted from the tuition fee during school fees payment)- it’s a non-refundable charge.

Acceptance letter signed and returned with all required payment.


A certified bank draft from a reputable bank delivered to the school account office.

Deposits/ wire transfer to the school’s domiciliary account.