Our Curriculum

Learning is our core purpose at Stee Schools Cambridge College where we adopt a student-centered approach.

Our learning and teaching policy emphasizes the importance of exciting, relevant and challenging lessons to prepare our learners for life.

Excellent teaching is the basis for personalized support so that each student can achieve their best.

How learning is organised:

Secondary School (11 to 16 years)

In Years 7, 8 and 9, students are taught in mixed ability groups for most subjects. We use the information from the Year 7 Entrance Exam and our own internal assessments to make sure students are rightly placed.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) all students learn through a common course of study that is differentiated to meet their needs and interests. English, mathematics and science are given high priority. Humanities, Creative Arts, Modern Foreign Languages subjects, as well as PE and games provide a well-rounded education in active learning environment.

English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science, French provide the core curriculum for all. Single Sciences in Biology, Chemistry and Physics are proving popular.

In the Year 9 we offer Cambridge checkpoint examination.

In Years 10 and 11, students are taught in different groups for all subjects, depending on their choice of subjects for Key Stage 4. We provide different routes for learning that builds on the students’ successes at Key Stage 3.

Students can achieve between 10 to 12 IGCSE, depending on their chosen subjects and extra opportunities presented to them.

At this stage of our Learning Programme, Stee Schools (Cambridge College) has adopted a world-wide recognized experience that enables our graduands to excel in any part of the world with their school leaving qualifications. It is accepted in most top universities around the world.


Homework is set regularly and in all subjects, with increasing degree of dedication as students get older. We monitor the homework being set to maintain high standards.

We also insist on students recording their homework in their personal planners and ask parents to check these every day. We encourage parents to support their child by providing a quiet space and time for homework, taking an interest in the set tasks and providing praise and encouragement.

Enrichment and extra-curricular
The quality of our enrichment and extra-curricular activities is very intense with a cross-curricula nature. There is an exciting programme of sporting and creative activities as well as adventurous activities, such as The International Award for Young People Nigeria etc.


Our Curriculum

The curriculum (British and Nigerian Curricula) for Stee Schools Cambridge College, is modern and challenges and inspires learners to be adaptable and flexible. The curriculum is coherent with the needs of learners, Nigeria and the broader international society.

The curriculum is not static and prepares learners to create their own future and to adapt to the needs of the society. It promotes an all-round education, focusing on the total well-being of the learners (cognitive, emotional and psycho-motor). In short: It prepares learners for the opportunities and experiences of a highly competitive environment and society.

The above Curriculum encourages a broad, in-depth and balanced entitlement to learning which encourages creativity and innovation, based on the higher cognitive domains of learning. The outcomes of the Curriculum lasts a lifetime and encourages lifelong learning.

At Stee Schools Cambridge College, Experiential Learning (learning by experience, by doing, seeing and being physically challenged) is integrated into the curriculum.

Learners are involved actively in the execution of the curriculum. Continuous Assessment and Systemic Evaluation, based on data and a time line are implemented by educators. Learners take responsibility for self-assessment and peer evaluation; focusing on academic standards and outcomes.

Educators in Stee Schools Cambridge College implement effective feedback-mechanisms and adjust their teaching strategies, taking into account assessment results and the development and self-esteem of learners.


Execution of progressive 21st Century Curriculum

In the execution of a progressive 21st century curriculum in Stee Schools Cambridge College, we have educators that are:

  • Facilitators of learning
  • Providers of learning opportunities
  • Evaluators of learning
  • Assessors of progress
  • Reflexive educational professionals
  • Inspirational leaders

Therefore, Curriculum Development in Stee Schools Cambridge College is a dynamic process that is always based on the results, findings, outcomes and suggestions of action research projects.

Regarding the latter, the achievement of Stee Schools Cambridge College cannot be over-emphasized.

Awards have also been won in co-curricular activities within and outside Lagos and the college is well known to have won awards in sporting activities.

Value Added Programmes

Programmes being presented by approved service providers include:

Reading and creative writing programme

The focus of this programme is to improve the reading skills and comprehension of a learner in English and French. The creative writing component develops the writing style and proficiency of a learner in grammar and the use of language in these subjects.

Mathematics Development Programme

This programme addresses remedial aspects in mathematics and support learners to apply mathematical knowledge and skills in today’s technically oriented work environment.

Speech Improvement Programme

This highly popular programme, conducted in modern language department, assists learners to become confident in and conversant with English and French.

 Computer Skills Programme

This programme provides a learner the opportunity to keep abreast with the latest international developments in information technology and to qualify for an international certificate in Computer Science.

 The relevance and quality of the programmes are being assured and controlled by the Quality Control Unit of Stee Schools Cambridge College. The aims of these programmes are aligned with the outcome of the Nigerian/British Curriculum.