Through this activity, students have been prepared for the dynamic and challenging business world, thereby fostering a generation of innovative, resilient and socially responsible leaders. This, in turn, can have lasting positive effects on the community, promoting econonmic growth, social cohesion and a culture of continuous learning and improvements. This activity has also impacted the community by encouraging collaboration between the school, local businesses and the members of the community through the students visit to the people.

By incorporating different activities and strategies, school can develop entrepreneurial skills in students while fostering an international ethos, thereby preparing them to thrive in a globalized world. This will enrich the local community through enhanced global awareness, cultural exchange and sustainable economic development.

The following plans will help to sustain international ethos:

  1. Global business plan competition: Our students can link up with students from international schools to create a business plan targeting global markets.
  2. International mentorship programs: Our students can be paired with international entrepreneurs or business leaders for guidance and advice.
  3. Sustainable business practices: Creating business plan that prioritize ethical practices internationally.

Other programs that can further enhance student’s entrepreneurial abilities and global awareness includes:

  1. Accelerator programs: By this, students can develop and launch their business ideas with support from mentors, resources and funding.
  2. International business clubs; Young Entrepreneurs club (YEC) in school can focus on international business where students can discuss global market trends, participate in debates and organise events.
  3. Enterprise Day; A special day can be set aside in school for students to buy and sell their products, thereby developing entrepreneurship skills